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April 5, 2019
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April 5, 2019

Top Six Home Exterior Designs

While choosing the exterior design to go with for your home, you need to consider all the factors possible, from the location the house is to be to the kind of visitors to expect. That brings us to the next reason why the exterior design is important. When a guest walks into your home, the first thing to see is the exterior design and from this, he will judge the kind of person you are. That is why it is important to give it your all when choosing the exterior design.

Below are some of the most commonly used exterior designs.


Victorian home exterior design is among the oldest home designs of all time. Even with all that age, Victorian homes are still attractive and when well designed, your home can be the talk of the town or village; whichever applies. The multiple uses of hues and the liberal use of facades are some of the distinctive features of Victorian homes. The elaborate details and towers also make them more noticeable.


As warm and cosy as cottage homes are, who will not love them? While some people use cottages for vacations, others use them for everyday living, and either way is applicable and you will still get that inviting feel everyone longs for. The cosy porch usually brings the homely feeling and the casual garden in front of the porch never fails to draw you closer to nature. Cottages fit in best in the rural areas.


Craftsman is almost the same as cottages. However, craftsman usually has thick square columns for the porch. Sometimes the porch is also broader than those of cottages. The charm of the craftsman is in the clean lines, the natural materials used and the warm colours. They also feature wide windows and more often than not, have some small garden just in front of the porch.


Having a home in the countryside usually comes with many advantages and one of which is that you get enough space to put up a nice Tudor home. The somewhat old-fashioned feel of Tudor is actually the best of its charm. The pointed roof also makes it distinctive and so do the arched doors.


This is another design that fits in the rural and agricultural locations. Usually, farmhouses have a wood fence around them with a very wide porch. Their wormer windows stress on functionality and so do the occasional shingles. Most farmhouses usually feature broad doorsteps.

Contemporary design

Looking forward to building a home near the city? This is the style you should go with. Contemporary homes usually have a soft texture and an understated touch of elegance. Unlike the cottage, farmhouse and craftsman, contemporary homes do not have a porch, the wooden fence or the front garden. They also often feature flat roofs.