April 5, 2019
April 5, 2019

Tips for Renovating an Old Home

Renovating an old house can be a little bit tricky. Most of the fixtures in the house’s systems might not be available in stores anymore. You might end up spending up to the cost of a new home if you are to change everything. It is not impossible to renovate an old home though.

We are going to explore a few tips that might help you with renovating an old house. Each renovation is different and different houses will require different fixtures. These are general tips that can be applied in any old house though.

Start with Groundworks and Systems

An old house is bound to have dilapidated systems frames and support systems. You have to begin with these, especially if it is a house whose condition you don’t know. The best part frames would not be difficult to strengthen. Whether the frames are wooden, concrete, metallic, it is easy to incorporate modern construction materials in them.

Once done with the frames, start with the electric, air conditioning, and plumbing systems. These would be olds systems, and hence their renovation would be a bit difficult. First, check the availability of the fixtures that need to be replaced for each system.  If the systems cannot be repaired, you may have to overhaul the whole systems and replace them with new ones.

Keep the Vintage Look

Why else would you buy or want to keep living in a 100-year old house, if it is not the vintage appearance and aura. Renovation in an old house should be about strengthening the structure, and improving the aesthetics, not making it look like a modern house.

For instance, go for some vintage finishing styles when it’s time to close the walls and the ceilings. Get some vintage furniture if you have to replace the ones present as well. Keep all the fittings that are in good condition and are blending in properly. A vintage looking house that is strong and fully functional is priceless.

The Paint

Color has no age. Just involve your creative sense can come up with some impressive colors for the home. Changing the original colors is no problem.  You can seek a color expert and discuss your preferences with them as well. Your vintage home will remain vintage even after getting some new paint.

Renovating an old home is exciting. The goal is to ensure the house looks great and the structural integrity of all the parts have been restored.