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April 5, 2019
April 5, 2019


The use of plants as interior decoration is common in many homes and offices. For instance, many spend many hours in offices and houses and by including plants in such places, reduces the feeling of being trapped. It can also really accentuate your living room furniture

The benefits of interior plant design include the following: –

  • Aesthetic value
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves the quality of air
  • Increases the well-being
  • Provides a quieter noise in the background

The interior plant provides an aesthetic value as plants are generally pretty hence attractive. The flowers provide a nice aroma, therefore, brings motivation. These plants add colour, personality, and ambiance and also bring a sense of life in a space that seems dull.

Interior plant decoration enhances the reduction of stress in individuals. One feels at an ease anytime there are plants around. This in return helps alleviate stress. This claim has been supported by many studies that have been conducted around the world. The studies show that patients in hospitals with flowers and plants in the wards recover faster than those where such amenities are not provided. Employees working in offices with interior landscaping are more productive as compared to those working in places with no interior landscaping. Some studies show that the green colour of plants puts the body at ease and relaxes the mind. It is for such reason, that students have better performance while in green environments.

Science shows that plants improve the quality of air around. Plants take in carbon (iv) oxide while in return gives out oxygen. Oxygen is the type of substance required by human beings in many body processes such as energy synthesis. Certain species of plants also absorb other toxic substances and chemicals in the atmosphere thus enhances a clean environment. The other benefits of indoor plants include the following: –

  • Increasing the humidity in the house
  • Decreasing the levels of the air pollutants
  • Reducing the dust
  • Keeping the temperatures low

The interior plants also boost well-being. Taking care of the plants has been shown to improve emotional health. The plants also help to reduce tension and stress therefore, promoting happiness.

The interior plants provide a quieter noise in the background. Research proves that noises such as those from trains or busy roads can be reduced significantly by plants. They help reflect and absorb noise creating a conducive environment around.

The benefits of interior plants are many and useful thus worth trying. Having a quality air, reduced noise and aesthetic value are some of the things that one would not like to miss.