Saving on the Costs of Home Renovations

April 5, 2019
Steps of a Home Renovation
April 5, 2019

Saving on the Costs of Home Renovations

A home renovation is an exciting affair. It always feels nice to have a beautiful and peaceful home. However, the cost of renovating a home can spiral out of control if it is not properly handled. The first step to ensuring the cost of renovating a home does not get out of hand is coming up with a reasonable budget prior to the commencement of the renovation works.

Below we explore a couple of ways in which you can save on the costs of renovating a home. These pointers can help you mitigate the cost, without sacrificing the integrity of the works.

Avoid Structural and Layout Changes

Structural and layout changes are arguably the most expensive parts of a home renovation. It is obviously going to be expensive if you have to knock down and rebuild any part of your home.  You can still have significant changes in the appearance of your home without having to change the layout of the building.


Explore the changes you need to be done to your home, and find out whether there is anything you can do yourself. Ensure you can do it perfectly though. Doing some of the tasks yourself will save you the costs of hiring.

Demolitions, painting, changing electric and plumbing fixtures are some of the tasks that do not require any special expertise. Anyone can do them, even if they have never done anything of the sort before. They just need to look a few pointers and instructions.

Compare Contractors

Take time while hiring professionals, and find out who offers the best deal. Do not compromise on their integrity though. Also, it would be best if you can find one contractor who can handle every aspect of the renovation. Hiring a different contractor for every aspect will most likely turn out to be quite expensive.

Discuss Insurance with Your Contractor

General contractors carry an insurance policy for their workers for up to $1 million. However, people might get serious injuries at your property and that amount would not be enough to compensate them. Such costs could come back to you as the property owner. Many homeowners do not know this, and the contractors might not disclose it to them.

Make sure you raise such issues with the contractor and have a written agreement on when such unfortunate events occur. Discuss the issue with an insurance professional as well. You do not want to be slapped such surprise and high costs.