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June 25, 2020

Rental-Friendly Interior Decoration Tips

Creating an appealing interior is an important step towards increasing the value of your rental property.  Every property owner wants to get higher rents for their homes and apartments but often offers fail to match up their expectations. Have you ever thought that minor design tweaks inside your house or apartment can actually improve the aesthetics by quite a few notches?

Well, here’re some smart decorating tips that will not only maximize space inside your house but also make it more appealing.

Oversized shades do the trick

Using an oversized shade over the windows can actually increase the dimensions of a small window. There’s some really cool oversized bamboo shades available at stores, which can help in mask the space shortage inside your living room. The shade is equally important for the aesthetics as it adds the right amount of texture you need. Another cool idea is to use tapestry or wall hanging over the windows but they’re a bit more expensive than the bamboo shades. Another alternate way to fake a larger room or bigger windows is to use draperies larger than the windows, which can accomplish the same effect but at much lesser price.

Vertical Furnishings

Maximizing the vertical space is a great way to make a home feel larger and if the ceilings are higher than usual, you can install hanging lamps, which would take away the attention of the onlookers from the small space.

Even for the bathrooms, you can choose to hang long living room curtains that can be hanged from the ceiling using a tension rod. Larger curtains will make a room feel bigger and the use of warm colors would render a cozy feel to the entire set up.

Only use furniture that fits into the space

Making the right impression on visitors and onlookers is easier when you use the right kind of furniture. You must choose the furniture carefully and install the ones that fit exactly in the space they’re meant to be. Don’t settle for smaller size furniture as that make the rooms look even more crammed and you really don’t want visitors to get that impression. Use extra cushion on the sofas and more items on the table to create the right feel.

A simple palette is all you need

Use a simple palette while filling your entire home with tonal neutrals with adequate amount of texture. The use of patterns often makes a room claustrophobic, so it’s important to choose accessories that add a certain kind of visual appeal.

Lighten up the space with clear and reflective material

In order to keep your room bright, airy and big, it is imperative to use the glossy and glassy materials. Glass-front cabinets with all the serving pieces and dishes to display can improve the visual quality of a room.  In case you don’t really want to spend a fortune replacing the cabinet doors then you can always fake the feel by taking off the doors of some of your cupboards. The idea is to break the wall of any closed cabinetry to improve the aesthetics of a room.