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April 5, 2019
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Pros and Cons of Painting Vinyl Siding

Painting vinyl siding is indeed a subject of debate as replacing the panels is an easier option for the homeowners. Every time you step out of your house, the same old dull exterior can be extremely tiring! However, before we even start discussing the pros and cons of painting vinyl siding, you must be clear about one thing, replacing the panels is an expensive affair.

Not only the cost factor, there’re many other factors to consider before you decide whether to paint the vinyl siding or not. You must deliberate on all the arguments carefully before taking a call on painting the vinyl siding.

Why you need to paint vinyl siding?

Fence-sitting won’t be of any help because there’re some really compelling reasons why you must consider painting the vinyl siding.

  • Improve the sales prospect for your home in the future by painting the vinyl siding
  • Give a quick facelift to your old and dilapidated house
  • You don’t have a huge budget but still want to improve the look and feel of your house

Painting Vinyl Siding – Is it a wise thing to do?

Yes, obviously it’s a great idea to pain the vinyl siding but you’ve to be careful with the choice of color as a wrong choice would lead to disaster. If you don’t want ruin the panels then you must use a paint hat’s been specifically designed for them. Vinyl is PVC, which implies polymerizing vinyl chloride or simply put it’s plastic. You need to keep in mind that plastic is sensitive to temperature changes and keeps contracting and expanding throughout the day. Thus, you need to use a paint that doesn’t get in the way of this process. Choose paints that are “vinyl-safe”, which can be applied safely without causing paint chipping or vinyl warping.

Pros of Painting the Vinyl Siding

 If you’re still undecided on whether it’s a good idea to get a painting done or not then here’re some good reasons for it:

Cost-Effective – A painting job is obviously inexpensive and it would never burn a hole in your pocket. Replacing the panels, even when they haven’t run their full course is simply a waste of resources and unnecessary financial burden.

Efficiency – Painting enhances the life span of vinyl siding by at least 20 years, so it’s always efficient to get it done.

Update as per your aesthetic needs – You get to choose your own color and prep us things as per your aesthetic needs.

Cons of Painting the Vinyl Siding

It’s an expert’s job – If you have decided to get a painting job done on your vinyl siding then it’s always best to hire an expert for the same. DIY might save you a few dollars but if you’re not good at it, things can easily go down the south.

Expensive tools and greater effort – Painting the vinyl siding takes a lot of effort and you will have to get some expensive tools.

DIY is risky – If you don’t have much experience with painting vinyl siding then there’s a very good chance of ruining the panels. Hire an expert who can get the job done with very little guidance and supervision.