Nine Amazingly Stylish Privacy Fence Ideas

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April 4, 2019
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April 4, 2019

Nine Amazingly Stylish Privacy Fence Ideas

When it comes to exterior design, one thing that most people fail to give the weight it deserves is the privacy fences. However, that should not be the case because, apart from the privacy they provide, fences also augment the aesthetic value of any home. Below are some stylish privacy fences you can use.

Tiled wall fence

This kind of fence ticks all the boxes. First of all, it is exotic and brings out an expensive taste. It is also safe and more private. Lastly, the tiled wall fence is usually more elegant and beautiful than the others.

Wire fence

Despite being very cheap, wire fences or otherwise known as chicken fence are very decorative and easily available. Besides, they do not need much work to set up. When fixed around the backyard, you can always draw attention away from the wire fence by setting some attractive furniture on the patio.

Bamboo fence

Do you leave in an area with a tropical climate? If yes, then this is the privacy fence you should go with. It coordinates with the environment and it brings out an elaborately sophisticated taste. The only problem is that it is expensive.

Picket fence

Picket fences do not provide a lot of privacy or even security. However, they have an understated charm. Their open-air detail provides a breezy effect and their rustic nature is adorable.

Split-rail fence

Rusty and simple, this type of privacy fence will not only keep the neighbour’s pets away but will also add sass to your home. Setting up this fence is very easy and can be effortlessly done from scratch. If the spaces are too wide for you, you can always cover them with mesh.

Brick wall

If you are of elaborate taste then this is the fence for you. It has a touch of sophistication at the same time brings out an old school feeling. You can always incorporate this type of privacy fence with tiled pavements and polished floors.


For neighbourhoods where maximum security and privacy is vital, stone walls are the most preferable. They are strong, chic and elegant. One thing to note, however, is that not all neighbourhoods allow this type of fencing and therefore you have to find out before erecting it. Also, stone walls are expensive and take time to put up.

Trees and shrubs

What way of fencing is more natural than using trees and shrubberies? While some people use this option after setting up another fence like a wire fence, it can function pretty much well on its own. It creates a bond with the environment and brings out an amazing effect. While it may take time to finally have it the way you want, setting up this type of privacy fence does not require much

Iron-wrought fence

Do you have a view next to the house that you just can’t afford to lock out? Well, the iron-wrought fence is exactly what you need to provide the privacy you need and as well allow you to breathe in the cool breeze and feed your eyes on the amazing view.