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April 4, 2019
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April 4, 2019

New Kitchen Designs You Will Love

There have been new kitchen designs that have gotten everyone talking. While they are new, they are certainly not all modern, in fact, most of the admired kitchens are rustic and have natural designs incorporated in them.

Here are some ideas that will keep your kitchen up to date.

Paint your kitchen with mint green

Why? Because mint green is the new colour. According to Jennifer Hunter, a renowned designer, almost everyone is going with the colour green, and it is understandable because the colour create some life and it is also not bad to look at. After you have painted your cabinets green, you can always coordinate it with natural decors like plants and instead of a clean-lined kitchen table, you can set a huge rustic one in the middle to incorporate the whole design.

Go modern with bold cabinets

We must agree cabinets have taken over kitchens. Unlike the olden days where you will find two drawers fixed on the wall above the sink, now they run all over, which is not a bad thing. With the cabinets that bold, you can decide to give the appliances a bold colour so that they are not left out. For the cabinet handles, make them whimsical and distinctive.

Use vintage and chunky hardware

Why would you buy you beautiful and expensive plates and cups only to hide them in a cabinet? Use them as a decoration for your kitchen. This you can do by having a bold vintage fixture with mirrors all over to boast your collection.

Mix it all up

While most people like going one way; if they choose wood then that is what they do all the way and if they choose to paint then they paint everything. But we are leaving the rules behind and mixing everything. Have some of your cabinets as natural wood with no finish colour, then contrast it with some warm colour and your mind will be blown off. You can also do this with the island. Make the chairs natural then paint the island, or the other way round, you will still get desirable results.

Tidy up with appliance cabinets

While some people are going for the showy cabinets to use the utensils as decoration, others are more concerned with tidying up the whole place and they are going with clean-lined not-showy cabinets that hide everything from the plates to the coffee maker. This will keep your kitchen clean and get rid of the clutter.