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April 4, 2019
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Indoor Trees that Will Light Up the Room

Indoor plants do fit right in and they light up every room in which they are set. Whether you like it simple or you want to go heavy with it, there is always something for you to create the home of your dreams. Here are some of the indoor plants that will give you just what you need.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

This is one of the most popular indoor trees people love and when you finally have it in your living room, you know why. This plant can fit in literally any interior design scheme. It is beautiful and has somewhat broad leaves. What’s better, they do not need much watering but they need sunlight and therefore you need to place them where they can get enough sunlight and they will serve you satisfactorily. Besides, they do not wither easily.

Parlour palm

Parlour palm is another indoor tree plant that is amazed at by many. This pet-friendly tree has high aesthetic value and it does not require a lot of maintenance, all you have to do is water it periodically and place it in a place it can get some mild lighting.

Rubber plant

Rubber plant is a mysteriously beautiful indoor tree plant that most people have gotten used to having in their homes. The plant usually comes in different colours; sometimes almost black, sometimes variegated and so on. Despite the colour yours comes in, the plant is still amazing and it gives the room an understated touch. Its maintenance involves weekly watering and it should be placed in a place with indirect sunlight.

Dragon tree

While most people do not go with this type of indoor tree plant, it is a great choice and it creates a distinctive and noticeable touch of boldness. It also brings life to the room and creates a warm and homely feel. This plant will draw all the attention in the room because noticing it is quite easy. While its fun having the plant in the house, it requires keen maintenance and failure to which will cause it to shade the leaves.

Calamondin Orange tree

How do you feel about having a fruit, which is also a flower and a tree grow healthily in your living room beside that favourite chair? I believe the feeling is inexpressible and the reason is quite obvious. While most fruit trees cannot grow to maturity indoors, this adorable orange tree can do perfectly well inside the room all year round. Even better, the flowers of the tree produce an amazing fragrant smell.