Give Your Bedroom a Little Taste of Paradise

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April 4, 2019
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April 4, 2019

Give Your Bedroom a Little Taste of Paradise

When you are arranging your house, you have to consider lots of things including how your visitors will feel about it. However, that is not the case with the bedroom, especially your bedroom. It is the only place in the house that you can break the rules and get as creative as you want without thinking of what others may think.

But, while breaking the rules you have to take care not to be too much because you may end up with a total mess. Here are a few ideas that will create a heavenly look for your bedroom.

All white with a little of pastel

All white bedrooms are always will be magical and comfy. They bring that feeling of safety and freshness, tempting you to spend the whole day and night in your bedroom. However, to bring a little pop, you can always throw in some neutral colour. This will also bring in some desirable distraction from the all-white theme.

Layer up your bed

Do not assume this is only meant to produce extra comfort. With a sumptuous bed, your bedroom will get a little fancy and look more expensive. To make it look even more exotic, you can go with a fancy headboard. Complete the look with some gorgeous throw pillows and you’re set.

Use a catchy wallpaper

While not everyone is a fan of wallpapers, those who do know the magic it can cause to a room. Depending on what you love, you can paste a huge wallpaper on the wall where the headboard rests. Alternatively, you can paste it on a huge empty wall, probably where you plan to set your mirror. This will create a whimsical effect and give some life to the bedroom.

Go with a patterned area rug

Whether animal printed, floral or some other creative patterns, so long as the colour blends in with your colour theme, then it is a go.

Combat the clutter

However, beautiful you decorate your room with expensive stuff, if you cannot create it clean and orderly then there is no point in even trying to decorate it. Try to keep away the clutter. You can get a bedside nightstand with drawers to stow the must-haves at an arm’s reach but out of the way.

Make at least one architectural statement

By this I mean give your room one noticeable architectural design, for example, have a round and huge window, have some huge built-in chandelier, or just have the roof of your bedroom slope a little bit. This will create some intriguing feeling which will only add to the sass.