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April 5, 2019
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April 5, 2019

Exterior Design Tips

Are you having a hard time trying to choose which exterior design to go with and which colour is the best? You are not alone because many people have trouble when choosing which design to have for their homes. However, you should stop with the worries because listed below are some of the most popular exterior designs, which you will love.

Just like the interior design, exterior designs are also a crucial part of your home and the one you choose speaks volumes about you.

Coordinate with nature around

Part of choosing a perfect exterior design is choosing one that goes well with all that is around it. For instance, in an environment where there are bricks lying around or a fieldstone, you can have your exterior colour as grey and use exposed bricks on the wall. Wisely, you can use textured grey shingles on the walls.

Mix up the paints and styles

It is not a rule that the exterior part of your home should have one colour, and even if it is, a little breaking of the rules will not kill. Choose two of your best colours that can match and use them to paint the exterior walls of your home. Regal paint style

While this is an old design, it still holds onto its charm. With regal painting style the architectural design is made distinctive and noticeable using loud and contrasting colours. Show off the best of your Victorian architectural style using this design.

Use different styles

Houses are now used for different things from family gatherings to business meetings. It will be wise to have a multi-styled exterior design to depict the many things that the house can be used for. You can choose to have one side of the home in traditional design, one in formal design and the other side with a relaxed atmosphere. This needs an expert to get it right, but after it is all done, the results are usually impressive.

Give it a single off to bring other features into the light

In this case, off does not mean bad, rather it means odd or different. For example, you can use a formal exterior design for your home, but decide to include a shingle with a totally contrasting colour. Doing this will bring out interesting creativity as well as bring life to the rest of the place.

Go with a bold colour

Bold colours will give your home a distinctive look and inviting feel. You do not have to paint the whole place with a bold colour. For most parts, you can use a soft colour, say cream, then chip in the bold colour in some of the places.